Mov’InBlue: a James Bond car for the masses

With Mehdi Essaidi,
Co Director Mov’InBlue at Capgemini

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Mov’InBlue: a James Bond car for the masses

In October 2016, visitors to the Paris Motor Show and technology enthusiasts got to experience Mov’InBlue, a solution that locks, unlocks and starts a vehicle with just a smartphone. It may not have been the “ultimate new gadget”, but it had strong potential to usher in a new economy of demand-responsive transportation.

A “co-business” approach

It all began in 2014. “At the time, Capgemini had created a think-tank  designed to break new ground in digital innovation. We wanted to help businesses adapt to the rise of uberization,” explains Mehdi Essaidi, Head of the Fast Digital Team at Capgemini Consulting and Mov’InBlue, Capgemini and Valeo’s joint endeavor. Convinced by the approach, the automotive supplier Valeo decided to work with the IT experts at Capgemini on a common digital offer using its own virtual key solution. “We committed to a genuine co-business approach, with Capgemini designing the software and user interface and Valeo handling vehicle installation and technical management,” says Mehdi Essaidi. This approach was very innovative: “The unique aspect of Mov’InBlue is that it brings together two world renowned companies, operates like a startup yet benefits from the best of their combined expertise”.

Mov’InBlue workforce, including employees from Valeo and Capgemini.

The key to innovation

In 2014, the automotive supplier Valeo created a virtual key based on its InBlue technology – thus the name “Mov’InBlue”. Combining this key with the digital services developed by Capgemini opened up a whole world of possibilities. Since 2015, the two companies have joined forces within this common entity. Capgemini and Valeo are convinced of the business opportunities for this futuristic solution.

From the outset, the duo identified two markets: short-term vehicle rentals and company fleets. “The short-term rental model hasn’t changed in the last 30 years. You still have to book a car, go to the agency, sign a contract and physically collect the keys. The risk was that major rental companies would eventually be uberized. For company fleets, the idea was that it would no longer be necessary to assign a car to an employee. The shared vehicle concept could operate in a much more flexible and economical way,” explains Essaidi.

Digitization is a real revolution affecting all economic sectors. With Mov’InBlue, we are preparing to modernize the way vehicles are used.
Mehdi Essaidi

Redefining individual and business uses

On the one hand, the solution frees up customers from dealing with rental car company agencies. Gone are the days of long lineups to sign a contract and collect a rental car! Now, customers can use their smartphone to book and pay for a vehicle, and collect a virtual key to unlock and start it. The result is considerable time savings and much greater flexibility since Mov’InBlue operates around the clock. Need a car in the middle of the night? No problem!

Current Mov’InBlue customers, including short-term car rental and company fleets… and we’re just getting started!

On the other hand, businesses with large fleets of company cars also benefit. Mov’InBlue offers them fast and efficient solutions for internal car sharing that optimize reservation schedules and key transfer from one employee to another. And that’s not all! Mov’InBlue enables all fleet managers to control the size and availability of their fleets by collecting real-time data related to vehicle maintenance and usage.

Vehicles using the Mov’In Blue solution today.

There are certainly many more uses for the Mov’InBlue virtual key solution. “It can easily be integrated into new vehicles leaving the factory,” says Essaidi. That prospect is quite promising given that Mov’InBlue is compatible with 95% of current vehicles.

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