t-Police Support: the sharing economy of policing

With Matt Howell,
Head of Public Sector, Capgemini UK

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t-Police Support: the sharing economy of policing

There’s only one way to reduce police operating costs without compromising the important work they do: you’ve got to cut costs at the support service level. That’s exactly what many UK police forces have managed to do with the help of Capgemini’s t-Police Support Cloud Platform, the first of its kind.

Users on t-Police Support by the end of 2017

Putting the Police front line first

It’s the kind of project that gets you excited right away: not only because it deals with Public Safety, an area that affects everyone, but also because it helps the police re-direct money from the back office to the front line.” Head of Capgemini UK Public Sector Applications Services, Matt Howell enthusiastically describes the platform implemented by Capgemini in several British police forces. Called t-Police Support, it boosts efficiency and enables police to focus on their core business; protecting citizens.

Police forces have adopted t-Police Support

The UK Government remains focused on controlling public sector spending  and police forces are no exception. At the same time, Chief Police Officers wish to maintain police officer numbers and ensure their officers have the equipment they need on the front lines. Any cost reductions need to come from support services. Every police force in the UK needs to have the most efficient back office and support functions it can. In 2012 the Multi Force Shared Service, led by Cheshire and Northamptonshire Forces, went live with Capgemini’s t-Police Support solution and have saved in the region of 40% in their back-office costs. By the end of 2017 we expect 10 forces and fire and rescue services will be using t-Police.

Operating cost reductions already generated by t-Police Support
“T-Police Support will be used by eight police forces by the end of 2017. We hope more will adopt the platform soon.” Matt Howell

Pooling resources: the right tool for the job

A back-office technology solution properly serving the needs of police forces had been the Holy Grail for years and many companies had tried and failed to create and implement one. Our t-Police Support platform, on the other hand, delivers the right business support and technical solution, based on cloud technology and designed to support police back-office processes.” says Howell. Police forces in the UK now have the choice of using t-Police to either support their business processes better in house, outsource them, or use the MFSS to create a police-owned shared services solution. This business agility is the basic premise behind t-Police Support.

Projected medium-term savings

In the end, t-Police Support is about helping the police do their job better and more efficiently, and I am proud that Capgemini has played a part in enabling that in so many forces.” continues Matt Howell. Will the solution spread across the entire country? Matt Howell thinks so!

“Police are focusing on their essential mission ensuring the safety of the public. t-Police has made that possible with greater efficiency and lower costs.” Matt Howell
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