Three solidarity projects for education

#1. educating girls
in India

As part of the Company's 50th anniversary celebrations, Capgemini's 200,000 employees decided to take action and support education and young children. In India, the “Enlight” program is helping more than 10,000 young girls on their way to a brighter future.

A global approach

The “Enlight” program has four objectives:

  • Improve girls' skills through sustainable schooling for at least 10 years;
  • Encourage community involvement in schools and school governance;
  • Improve the level of teaching by training teachers;
  • Promote and implement an innovative and adapted teaching program.

10,400 mentors mobilized

For this rather ambitious project to be successful, the Capgemini India team is getting involved in the Enlight program: more than 150 employees have volunteered to help and have already given more than 25,000 hours of their time to the sustainable project. Between now and 2020, Enlight's ambition is that 10,400 Capgemini employees become mentors to as many young girls. The project has won several awards and will expand to include 150 schools and more than 200 teachers from various social backgrounds in around 10 states of the Republic of India.


Three solidarity projects for education

#2. Rebuilding a school
in Guatemala

In Guatemala, employees rolled up their sleeves to rebuild schools in the country.

A devastated town

When the school in the small Guatemalan town of Bosques del Quetzal was destroyed by floods in 2014, more than 250 children were unable to access education in a country with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world: 56% of the population lives below the poverty line. Bosques del Quetzal also suffers from one of the lowest rates of investment in education in Latin America.

On the first day, a little boy gave me 150 letters that the schoolchildren had written to thank us for coming.
"remembers Gustavo Tasner, a Capgemini Guatemala employee.

Raising emergency funds first...

The priority was to raise funds to finance construction material and various equipment. Not wanting to waste time, the employees chose to donate a percentage of their salaries, which was matched by Capgemini Guatemala: in all, they collected nearly $67,000. Once the funds were raised, they got straight to work.

...and then rebuilding

For three days, computers and mobiles were replaced by shovels, trowels and drills. The team built 4 new classrooms, washrooms and a perimeter wall under the supervision of a professional builder.
Together with Gustavo, 480 Capgemini employees took action so that the children could return to school as quickly as possible.

Continuing to lend a hand

Following the success of this initial operation, the program has now added two more projects to improve life for schoolchildren.
The Move50 campaign aims to mobilize the Group’s employees to get involved in the new charity initiatives collected under the banner of “Building a better future for children”.

Discover the project in video (english and spanish)


Three solidarity projects for education

#3. On your marks, ready? Code

As part of the Group’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Capgemini rallied its 200,000 employees to work with children and support education. The Group’s employees helped introduce 8 to 14-year-olds to computer coding thanks to the "Code with Cap" program.

Code with Cap

The program was launched by Capgemini France in Nantes in partnership with CCO Nantes and Cantine Numérique, both leaders in the digital sector. The program aims to show young 8 to 14-year-olds just what computer coding is and encourage them to consider it as a career option!
In Suresnes, Rennes and Bordeaux, Capgemini partnered with Innov’Avenir, La France Tech Rennes Saint Malo and Darwin projects respectively.

Encouraging girls to “Code with Cap”!

Where have all the girls gone? For a wide variety of reasons, there are far fewer women than men in the sector. An equal number of girls and boys however attended our workshops. So girls are definitely interested in coding.

I really liked programming Minecraft.
" says 7th-grader Evan, one of the many young "Code with Cap" participants from Nantes, France.

Impart skills, learn, and have a good time

Capgemini's coding experts run the free workshops in elementary and high schools. "Code with Cap" is a fun introduction to computing for young students, taught by employees keen to share their skills. Both the trainers and the children enjoyed the workshops and couldn’t get enough of it. They’re asking for more!
Following the launch in Nantes, the program is being extended to Bordeaux, Rennes, Toulouse and Paris and Capgemini is also considering rolling out the program overseas. The in-house "Code with Cap" team is actively expanding and creating new partnerships

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