Eneco: connecting energy to ecology

With Jeroen Versteeg,
Group Sales Officer Application Services 2 at Capgemini

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Eneco: connecting energy to ecology

Energy management obviously concerns electricity producers, but it’s also important for consumers, who require innovative tools to help them control their consumption. The energy group Eneco has called on Capgemini to uncover and develop the most promising energy management solutions of tomorrow.

Eneco’s green ambition

“‘Join us in our transformation. Partner with us to accomplish our goals!’” Jeroen Versteeg, then head of Capgemini Application Services Benelux, still remembers that day at Eneco in September 2015. “We already knew the Eneco Group well, and now they were asking us to go a step further with them by developing innovative products and services,” he recalls. The collaboration promised to be especially exciting since Eneco plays a rather special role in the industry.

the number of Toon smart thermostats today

former CEO of Capgemini Application Services Benelux

Born in the mid-1990s from the merger of several Dutch gas and electricity companies, Eneco quickly established itself as one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands. In 2008, it became the Dutch leader in sustainable energy when its top management decided to focus on renewable energysources like solar, wind and biomass—a real revolution for the group’s business model. “Eneco is very aware of the climate change issue and quickly opted for a 100% renewable energy model. It was a truly groundbreaking approach at the time,” says Jeroen Versteeg.

Working with a company whose goal is to change the world is particularly exciting.
Jeroen Versteeg

When a company wants to sell less

Capgemini and Eneco have worked together since they first signed an infrastructure services contract in 2008. In 2015, Eneco’s strategic direction took this partnership to a whole new level. Doubling down on its commitments to green energy, Eneco decided to share its ambitions with customers by encouraging them to consume less. “It was very unusual. Eneco was essentially asking its clients to be more mindful of their energy consumption, thus buying less energy from them!” recalls Jeroen Versteeg enthusiastically. “This was no doubt a first in the history of capitalism.”

Capgemini was entrusted with a vital mission: to help Eneco streamline its operations, reduce costs, roll out innovative business offers and speed up its digital transformation. “We were moving from a standard infrastructure contract to a full-fledged partnership dedicated to innovation and transformation,” says Jeroen Versteeg.

715 million euros
Eneco’s investment in renewable energy at the end of 2015

A new kind of digital platform

This approach was exemplified by Eneco’s smart thermostat Toon, launched in 2015, for which Capgemini developed most of the IT platform.

Toon was offered to all Eneco clients and was planned for sale to other energy companies around the world, enabling users to monitor their energy consumption and adapt accordingly. “Toon has a lot of interesting features: turn on heat remotely, regulate the temperature of a house, adjust the power consumption of all connected devices—even electric car batteries! Better yet, it always indicates when and where consumption has been optimized,” says Jeroen Versteeg.

Our partnership with Eneco is strategic and future-oriented. It’s not only about changing the tools, but also creating value through innovation.Jeroen Versteeg

A technological revolution? “Not quite—even though the product is complex,” he adds. “More than the technology, it’s the approach that was unusual. The point was to rethink all Eneco’s tools and align them with this new, sustainability-focused strategy.” Through its transformation strategy known as “utility to energy services” (“u2es”), Capgemini is also working with Eneco to create new energy services that could be made available to other industry players.

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