Deep dive into BIG DATA

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Deep dive into BIG DATA

The goal of the people data centers created by Capgemini is to use information circulating on the web and social media to tailor product offers, optimize sales, and reduce costs.

Digging into social media

How do you know what global consumers want and need and adjust business activities, manufacturing and distribution of stock accordingly? This question has been key in the consumer goods industry for a long time. Uncovering the answers is often the work of market research centers, who pilot studies on behalf of major companies.

But technology is changing that trend. Now big data allows companies to run their own studies by capitalizing on the immense amount of information available on social networks. Since 2013, Capgemini has developed people data centers, a new way for companies to unlock the benefits of big data. “It’s a way to listen to social media to learn about consumer trends in real time, country by country for our different partners’ business segments,” explains Manuel Sevilla, Capgemini manager of global practices  for  big  data  and data analytics at the time. “Social media has a lot to say about people’s needs and the particularities of local markets. The goal is to capture this information to adapt the client’s offer with maximum precision and reduce costs,” adds Manuel Sevilla.

Social media has a lot to say about people’s needs and the particularities of local marketsMANUEL SEVILLA

Anatomy of a people data center

But what exactly is a people data center? “A people data center is a 100% cloud solution for listening to trends on social media. It includes a technology portion that f inds information, sorts it and indicates weak trends, but there is also a business component that brings in the product managers on the ground who analyze and interpret the data in detail,” explains Manuel Sevilla. As the name implies, the people data center incorporates people! The technology can’t work without the talent of a multidisciplinary team (data analysts, product experts, creative teams, designers, sociologists, etc.). This team works to analyze, treat and convert data. Each works within his or her expertise area, but shares insights with other team members. This collaboration further enriches the studies done for clients.

Green tea shampoo and ice cream

Analyzing social media is not a new idea, but the scale of the solutions put in place by Capgemini are innovative. The solutions have concrete applications, as illustrated by Manuel Sevilla: “In one Asian country, the analytics system we put in place predicted a strong demand for green tea shampoo. As a result, our client was able to optimize its inventory management. Elsewhere, our system was able to predict ice cream sales across a region. By adjusting its deliveries, our client was able to reduce refrigeration costs.” In sum, diving into big data indeed means uncovering unexpected savings!

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