Capgemini University: a cultural melting pot

“My greatest accomplishment is bringing together people from very different backgrounds, showing them respect and connecting them to our projects and values,” Serge Kampf was known to say. One institution has played, and continues to play, a major role in establishing this shared culture throughout the Group: Capgemini University.

A multinational built on brain power

In 1987, Serge Kampf decided to create a space dedicated exclusively to training Group employees. And so Capgemini University was born and established within the Château de Béhoust, in the Yvelines department of France. Shortly thereafter, the University opened its doors in central Paris, offering training in commerce, communications and management. At the time, very few French companies had taken such a bold step to invest in their employees.

In the meantime, the Group expanded its presence in the United States with the acquisition of Ernst & Young Consulting, and started down the road to India. In this way, the University became an important partner in driving growth within the Group. Since then, it has served as the main driver of internal training and development, emerging as a melting pot for fostering a common culture and shared values. In the eyes of Serge Kampf, the University was answering a calling well-suited to this “multinational built on brainpower” that Capgemini had become.

Today, the University supports Capgemini’s goals by serving as a powerful tool for aligning and reinforcing the ambitions of the Group and its clients. The University’s central mission is to offer an experience built from start to finish by training coordinators on the principles of Digital Age Learning. Specifically, this means:

  • to develop and oversee Executive and Leadership Education,
  • to inspire and aid employees in developing themselves and advancing their careers,
  • to teach agile and rapid methods to create business impact and value for clients,
  • to develop, expand and nurture Capgemini’s corporate culture.

In 2016, Capgemini University and the L&D (Learn & Development) group offered more than 4.15 million hours of training. The programs were delivered in every corner of the world to more than 182,000 Capgemini employees, through in-class and virtual programs, such as eLearning modules, online games and social learning platforms. In 2009, the University was accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The accreditation was renewed in 2014.

From Béhoust to Les Fontaines

In 2003, the University left Béhoust, 50 km west of Paris, for its new home in Les Fontaines, near Chantilly north of Paris.

Serge Kampf selected the site, located just a few kilometers from the Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The property was developed by French architect Louis Martin Berthauld in the 18th century, and later owned by Baron James de Rothschild who built a majestic château there. It was on this site that Capgemini built an ultra-modern campus equipped with 300 rooms, a 450-seat auditorium, restaurants, meeting halls, athletic facilities, and the ability to host up to 500 people for seminars and training sessions.

Les Fontaines regularly hosts events such as training programs designed to align employees’ ambitions with Capgemini’s goals, while promoting key skills to better serve the Group’s clients.

The Les Fontaines campus offers an important venue for exchange, which is made available to other companies. Every year, some 50 companies choose Les Fontaines to carry out their seminars and training sessions. In 2016, Les Fontaines organized more than 250 events and welcomed 45,000 participants.

In 2008, Les Fontaines, already a member of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), became the first European corporate campus to receive the European Ecolabel for its responsible natural resource management, systematic recycling, and use of organic and fair trade products. In addition, as of 2010, 100% of the electricity used on the site comes from renewable sources.

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