Artificial intelligence transforms customer relationships

With Christopher Stancombe,
Head of Industrialisation and Automation at Capgemini

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Artificial intelligence transforms customer relationships

To process thousands of daily customer requests, the global express delivery leader looked to artificial intelligence for the answer.

The art of differentiation

As express delivery transitions into a mature market, the sector can expect to see competition intensify, in an environment where each company offers the same services at the same price. Finding the right strategy to acquire a competitive edge is a big challenge. To stand out, express delivery companies have to invest heavily in one of two things. The first option is to invest in technology that enables better and faster delivery, while the second involves making customer relations more fluid and interactive. In 2012, the sector’s global leader decided to hone in on the latter, calling on Capgemini for support.

Email requests received daily by the global express delivery leader

Thousands of requests per day

The Group was chosen for a key reason: “What appealed to the client was our ability to design technology solutions using all the latest innovations, while rolling them out on a global scale,” explains Christopher Stancombe, then Head of BPO Operations at Capgemini. The Group also relied on its strong reputation for customer-oriented technology solutions, which is exactly what the world’s delivery services leader was looking for. “The challenge faced by the company was simple. Every day, it received thousands of emails in every language, each one outlining a specific problem or request. Employees at the local level had to respond to each email as quickly and accurately as possible. Each time, it took a while to identify the customer, country, language and exact nature of the problem, and caused a lot of tension with customers,” says Christopher Stancombe.

Artificial intelligence replaces people for tasks that require rapid processing of large volumes of data. But it also frees up time for employees to work closely with customers and develop new services. That’s how it will revolutionize businesses.
Christopher Stancombe

Sort, analyze, and respond

Capgemini proposed an artificial intelligence system – a robot – to be implemented in every country, capable of sorting, analyzing and responding to all messages. It was the first time this kind of system was ever implemented in the express delivery sector! “The robot we designed is a pure artificial intelligence product. Analyzing key words and data such as customer name, language and reference number, the robot can recognize the nature of the request, transfer the message to the correct employee and help that person respond appropriately,” explains Christopher Stancombe. The system contains 300 model answers in 13 languages adapted for all kinds of situations. It also includes four dispute levels from basic complaints to more complex problems.

1 month
Amount of time for Capgemini to design, program and install the robot
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