General Motors: a project of global proportions

With Mike Boruszok,
Former General Motors account manager at Capgemini

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General Motors: a project of global proportions

In 2006, following a successful 8-year initial collaboration, Capgemini signed one of the world’s largest IT outsourcing contracts of its time. With this contract, the Group began working with automaker General Motors to transform its IT systems all over the world–a crucial project for the world’s automotive leader.

Countries involved in the first mission in 1998

1998: A large multinational contract…

January 1998: Capgemini signed a contract with General Motors, the world’s leading automotive company in Detroit, to develop and install its new client/server systems for every aspect of General Motors’ activity, from vehicle design and distribution to finance, marketing and purchasing. The goal was to accelerate and optimize communications between the automaker’s different programs. In other words, Capgemini’s task was to boost the productivity of General Motors’ entire IT network.

It was a great success for the IT services company to inaugurate its business relationship with GM and sign the first large multinational contract of its history. It was also the first time the Group was selected to help one of its clients transform in dozens of countries, across every continent.

2006: The “contract of the century”!

Capgemini represents a true strategic partner for General Motors due to its global presence and leading industry and technological expertise.” With these words, the American automotive giant announced in January 2006 that Capgemini had been selected as the strategic partner to help transform its IT systems. Eight years after the first large-scale contract was signed with Capgemini, this became one of the largest IT outsourcing projects the world had ever seen. Some newspapers were calling it the “contract of the century.”

GM employees in 2006

This 2006 contract represented a new and particularly ambitious step forward. Indeed, it involved all of the automaker’s applications around the world. “We had bid for 6 lots and we won them all! 100% success is pretty exceptional,” says Mike Boruszok, one of four executives in charge of the GM contract.

9 million
vehicles sold worldwide by General Motors in 2006

Crucial strategic challenges

GM entrusted Capgemini with an ambitious mission: to help the manufacturer’s IT service to integrate and manage its applications in the areas of strategic planning, purchasing and the logistics chain, from sales and marketing to support for dealerships and sales representatives. For the automaker, which was experiencing serious financial difficulties at the time, the project involved extremely high stakes.

The goal was to develop standardized processes to manage the group’s applications on a global scale. We needed to offer new solutions in terms of strategic planning, data management, systems design, software engineering and program management. One of the goals was to reduce the number of applications used by GM globally, as the applications were very costly, says Boruszok.

GM industrial sites worldwide in 2006, across 30 countries

But Capgemini’s role did not end there. GM also asked the IT services company to offer innovative tools that would have a strong impact on its development—particularly its commercial development. “It was thrilling because we had to reflect on customer expectations and the best way to respond to them. We needed technological and operational innovation to generate business value,” explains Boruszok. That is how Capgemini came to develop a dedicated smartphone app for all GM vehicle owners—a brand new concept in the United States.

Capgemini accompanied General Motors through every step of its IT transformation, helping the company attain the level of excellence it needed to grow and develop.
»Michael Boruszok

A partnership for the long term

In the early 2010s, Capgemini had accomplished most of the objectives assigned by its client. “GM’s application management had transformed in profound ways. In terms of innovation, we designed and launched one of the world’s largest SharePoint Factory across all the General Motors’ industrial sites. This system made it possible to store, consult and share information securely from any device,” concludes Boruszok.

So did the collaboration between Capgemini and General Motors end there? Far from it! In July 2010, Capgemini successfully renewed services for another IT outsourcing contract, to continue to support applications for the Sales and Marketing division and dealership network. Confidence is stronger than ever!

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